Trade Mark Registration and its Importance for a Startup

What is Trademark?

A trademark could be a brand or an emblem that you simply use to differentiate your product from those of your competitors. The term Trademark is that the legal term for “intellectual property”.

One can even say that a Trademark is often a reputation, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image or a mix of those components. A trademark identifies the complete owner of a specific product or service.

How is Trademark Registration Done?

Trademark Registration could be a legal procedure provided below the Trade Marks Act, 1999. Through trademark registration or say emblem registration/brand registration, you’ll defend and protect your brand or emblem by prescribing others for not to use your brand. By trademark registration, you get the possession of the logo/the emblem/name/brand.

The trademark registration method in India is needed if an organization or individual intends to guard their emblem or brand from the misuse by the third party or any one else. Trademark registration would offer you a right to action against the third party just in case of infringement of your trademark. Trademark registration will give right to the ownership of your brand to use it for its product or services.

Why is Trademark Registration Important?

A Trademark protects your name/brand/logo from others and provides you with the tools to forestall somebody from riding on the rear of your business. Trademark is capable of distinguishing the products or services of one person from those of others and includes the form of products, their packaging, and a mix of colors and it allows us to recognize it.

Trademark is your Assets:

A registered trademark might convince be a valuable asset for your company / Business/individual. These assets keep on appreciating over time. As your business grows over time, the worth of the emblems/logo/name gets scaled up mechanically. So, if your business grows, your trademark additionally grows in worth.

Protection to your Name:

A registered trademark establishes possession over the complete, name or emblem. It protects your brand from any unauthorized use of the third party. The registered trademark proves that the merchandise wholly belongs to you and you have got exclusive rights to use, sell, and modify the complete or product in whichever manner you would like.

Brand Value:

A Brand name that’s distinctive and completely different should be registered as each business wants a brand or emblem that stands out, that differentiates your brand from that of others. Hence, a registered trademark offers a singular identity to your brand.

Easy Communication tool:

Yes, emblems might convince be an efficient and simple communication tool. They represent themselves. A registered trademark may be simply known that complete your product belongs to you, as an example, once you see a silver color 0.5 bitten apple on any device, be it a laptop computer or a phone, you’ll simply determine that it’s associate is Apple product.

Easy for patrons to search out:

A registered trademark makes it simple for patrons to search out the merchandise, because it is an efficient tool and distinctive in its identity, the emblems/ brand that is registered may be simply traceable and customers might reach your product simply.

Trademark is forever:

Trademark once registered will last for eternity. The Trademark registered by any firm remains with them forever. Yes, the trademark registration shall be revived when each ten years. However, the identity that it gave to the complete remains forever.


Trademark Registration provides associate right to the owner and distinguishes the merchandise from different similar product from different businesses. Trademark proves as intangible assets for the owner and protects the complete for an extended time. Trademark provides associate right to the owner to use such words, logos, and slogans in a market like India it’s crucial that a   brand name is protected and safe. Hence, not out of compulsion however out unavoidably it’s vital to own a trademark registration in India.